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Me, Today. 12.11.13 “Loving Yourself” is Poppycock

It occurred to me recently that the “True happiness is to Love Yourself” mantra is a bunch of poppycock. What these people really mean is ACCEPT yourself. Accept WHO you are – and also recognize the difference between WHO you are and HOW you are. Who you are goes something like this: I am a […]

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Natural, unprocessed PB&J

Natural, unprocessed PB&J

Today I got creative! I wanted a PB&J but with out the processed bread and jelly filled with who knows what. So, I got some natural, fresh ground peanut butter, ripe raspberries and smooshed them between two thin slices of tart granny smith apples! A delicious, completely healthy, all natural, carbless, gluten free PB&J snack.

I bet these would make really cute and healthy party snacks too!

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Me, today. 7.16.12 Rest Day

This morning started out rough. The sound of cement cutters from the street construction outside my doorstep was not the best substitute for my trilling harp wake up alarm. The day continued as such as I walked into the kitchen, still a mess from my Sat water balloon fight and bbq party, untouched because of […]

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Me, today. 7.15.12. Great Quote

Me, today. 7.15.12. Great Quote

I love this quote. It’s all about making things happen, life is not lived through planning, watching or waiting. It is lived through actions taken, words said and memories made.

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Me, today. 7.13.12 29 and Speechless

Today I am speechless. Blown away by the love and caring, thought and consideration of my friends in every way. It started at 5 am, where I had started to work by 5:30a, hearing a rustle outside my front door at 6. The noise was 2 of my best girl friends rummaging in my flowerbeds […]

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Me, today. 7.11.12. Appreciate Yourself

Today was a normal day like any other. Work and a warmly lit world by the people around me and the picturesque city. I set out to challenge myself again and take my modeling to another level. After work I straightened my hair, powdered my nose and put on some kicks and torn jeans at […]

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Me, today. 7.10.12. Immediate Introspection

I was greeted this morning with the pleasant coo of my kitty pawing at the door, eager to cuddle my face with hers. The day continued as it started, pleasant and filled with sunshine from the inside out.  That is, until I hit a sudden emotional wall. Talking with a friend about my upcoming birthday, […]

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Me, totday. 7.9.12. Ask Yourself the Hard Questions

Today was a normal Monday until the afternoon when I had the honor of being a confidant to a wonderful woman who I think neither knows nor feels her full potential or self worth. She is one of those people that I wish I could somehow transfer my perception to so that she can see […]

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Me, today. 7.8.12. Wisdom in a Neon Sign

Me, today. 7.8.12. Wisdom in a Neon Sign

So true! Too often our “I can’ts” or “I won’ts” are not because we lack the capability, but because we lack the right mentality. Open your mind up to everything possible and you will see the world for all that it is, see yourself for all that you are and can imagine yourself achieving all that you want.

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tomato angel

Me, today. 7.7.12. TOMATO BATTLE!!!

Today was an amazing and exhausting day! It started with an emotional goodbye to a very dear friend moving to California and after held back tears and several long hugs goodbye, I breathed a big sigh and got ready for a photo shoot. I sat in the salon style chair, several bright bulbs in my […]

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