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I'm someone who's undergone a complete life/self overhaul. I'm now a professional in my dream job, balancing an amazing relationship, a healthy body, a healthy self image, my passions, my family and surrounding myself with good people. It's hard, not gonna lie. But I'm here to help, to inspire and say "you're not alone."

Get the Most Power for Your Hour

Fortune Cookie Blurb: One key to having a better life is managing your time better. Be smart with your time, do things that give you the most power for your hour. Look at how you decide to spend your time. How? Read on!

Since you spend 8+- hours of your day to earn money, think of spending your time the same way you spend your money. Budget your time! Even before you get to the decision, look at how you make it.

When DECIDING WHAT TO DO, ask yourself these questions:

  • A diagram of the Time/Money/Quality Triangle.Why am I doing this ? What’s my motivation for doing this? Why do I want to do this and what am I getting out of it?
  • Could I be doing something else that will help me get there faster? (Eg. Growing a friendship: Going shopping toge
    ther vs. going to their volley ball tournament. Both are spending time together, but it would mean more and be more memorable.)

When looking at HOW YOU MAKE DECISIONS, ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I want to accomplish today, this week, month, year and in life? Don’t let lifehappen to you. If you want to be happy, and get your life in order you have to know what you want.
  • What kind of decisions am I making now that are slowing me down from meeting those goals? One way to get mroe time and energy is to make sure you’re not wasting it! Are you fighting through things and not realizing they’re just slowing you down? Think about what those are and try to minimize those things and you will feel better and have more time.
  • Why do I do the things I do? What do I accomplish by doing this/these things?
  • How do these activities make me feel/what do I get? Feeling validated, guilty if not done, like it’s expected of me, to feel accepted. If you understand yourself and why you do things, you can start to do things that have more meaning and make you happier.

For example, yesterday from Appleton to Minneapolis – less than an hour – and what magazine did I pick up to read in the no cell zone? Not Cosmo to see what the Kardashian’s are up to, not Fitness for the latest diet craze, Forbes. If not Forbes, I’d be looking at Money, or Business Weekly. What am I looking for? Ways to do more with the money I have, or save big bucks. Look for phrases like “maximize your investments” or “lower your tax bracket” (More phrases/key words to look out for in the Financial section). I used the 15 minutes in take off to learn about how to save $800 a year on my taxes.

I know what you’re thinking “Boooorrrinnnnngggg!” Well, you know what’s boring, having a staycation or counting dollars every paycheck to save that $800. You know what’s exciting? Using that $800 to buy a round trip ticket to Belize. Can Cosmo help you with that? Not unless you can somehow get a rich boyfriend from reading Cosmo, but I’m not countin on it.

Be smart with your time, do things that give you the most power for your hour.


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