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Clair who also goes by BASEgirl is a BASE jumper, Skydiver, Mountain bike racer, Rock climber and Model. She is a passionate vegan and a world traveler. She has made it her life goal to inspire others and help them accomplish or find their dreams and passions! After defying the odds and becoming one of the worlds youngest BASE jumpers at 16 years old she realized how important it is to always follow your dreams! And now she helps others find theirs.

Measuring Success

Success by my definition can not be defined! Each individuals idea about what success means is very different from another. So how do we measure success in our own personal life? By our achievements, by our status in society or maybe it is just a feeling.

I personally struggled in the beginning when I was working incredibly hard to meet a goal I had set for myself. If a day passed and I did not have a tangible, right in front of me, obvious indication of my efforts turned measurable I felt as if I got no where. Like I worked all day and achieved nothing that was getting me in the direction of accomplishing my goal. What I failed to realize then was that every ounce, every gram, every any kind of effort and energy I put into what I was doing was moving me closer to my goal. Every minute I put into reaching my goal, although not immediately measurable in success or moving forward, was in fact a key component in my ultimate success. One day, it just so happened to be a day when I did absolutely nothing, something fell into place. Something seemingly random, something that required no effort at all and right then in that very moment, everything I had done, every piece of energy I had committed to my goal became visible as a tangible…. success!

Yes success can be measured, yes it is an achievement for us, but if throughout the process we are not satisfied with the feeling of knowing we contributed in that moment the true feeling of success once accomplished will not be present.

When I made a choice to succeed each and every day, accomplishing little things that will eventually lead to the accomplishment of my goal, is when I truly felt the power of the journey to success and I could feel the progress made each and every day!

Celebrate the small things so we can rejoice in the completion or ultimate success!

~Clair Marie (BASEgirl)

To tag along to Clair’s message, also set achievements in bite sized pieces. Too often we say “I want to loose 10 lbs” or “I want to get a promotion” or “I want learn to bullfight in Spain.” All of those are wonderful goals, but having the end as the only focus can leave us feeling like a failure and more likely to stop trying. Set small goals – ONE EVERY DAY – that build up and get to your ultimate. That way, you feel accomplished EVERY DAY, and by feeling accomplished you’re more motivated to keep on pushing toward the end. Like Clair so eloquently said, celebrate those little accomplishments, you’ve made a difference in your life.


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  1. Clair Marie April 21, 2012 at 2:14 am #

    Reblogged this on BASEgirl and commented:
    Success can only be measured if we recognize and acknowledge each little step that brings us towards our ultimate goal!

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