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I'm someone who's undergone a complete life/self overhaul. I'm now a professional in my dream job, balancing an amazing relationship, a healthy body, a healthy self image, my passions, my family and surrounding myself with good people. It's hard, not gonna lie. But I'm here to help, to inspire and say "you're not alone."

Me, today. 5.8.12. Accomplishers

In a “Ghost Ops Bootcamp” I did today at my gym the range of park workout-goers ranged from the very overweight to the moderately fit. Our objective was to complete 10 circut training exercises (3 minutes each) as a team. When told to “go full out” everyone pushed themselves, some harder than others but by the end of training we were all sweating and panting like it was a lung capacity test. After doing 150 yd sprints one of the larger girls who could have arguably been said to not have pushed herself quite to her fullest said to me, “Man, it’s so much easier for you skinny girls, you don’t have to haul around all this weight.” To an extent that’s true, but what is more true is the attitude of the “skinny girls.” I started observing how the “skinny” vs “overweight” did the same exercises. And it became very apparent. The skinnies sprinted looking dead ahead, at their end target, arms pumping and knees high. The overweights looked at the ground, shoulders hunched and a form that looked like they were sloshing through mud.

It made me think – the difference between people who accomplish their goals of fitness and in life is merely a focus and attitude. The accomplishers look dead ahead, zeroing in on that target, taking as large a leap as possible to get there faster – knowing that this one hard leap will be over in a second, and so will the next, and the next after that… Life and any goal, is just a bunch of steps, it’s only a matter of how big and how many.



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2 Comments on “Me, today. 5.8.12. Accomplishers”

  1. F. Kenneth Taylor May 9, 2012 at 5:52 am #

    Nice! I needed a lil’ encouragement, motivation & uplifting today (and tonight), its been one of them days. Everything that could possibly go wrong–Did, and in every aspect of my life; work, relationship, yadda, yadda, yadda… So thanks again for another great post that allowed me to breathe a sigh of relief & smile a bit (you know, at the overweight girls hatin’ on the skinny ones)

    • Jennifer M Leong May 9, 2012 at 1:11 pm #

      Hahaha, great! I’m glad you got a smile out of it, and I’m sorry things are rough. But you’re an accomplisher. Keep that head up, looking at your target and those legs pumping forward! =)

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