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I'm someone who's undergone a complete life/self overhaul. I'm now a professional in my dream job, balancing an amazing relationship, a healthy body, a healthy self image, my passions, my family and surrounding myself with good people. It's hard, not gonna lie. But I'm here to help, to inspire and say "you're not alone."

Me, today. 5.11.12. Creating Community – Giving Back

Today was an amazing day. My commitment to creating community through other women, and children has been renewed. I took a day from work to teach Junior Achievement to a class of 3rd graders, affected by budget cuts so extreme, scotch tape and crayons are rationed. Arriving at 7:30a and given class assignments, we toted our briefcases full of exercises, workbooks, markers and pop up buildings into a whole new experience. Standing in front of a room full of bored 8 year olds, 2 weeks away from summer, I spoke about city planning, careers, the importance of education and even about how to fill out a deposit slip and write checks – all real world skills that are necessary and missing from their scholastic curriculum.

The kids laughed and learned, doing projects like placing their self colored pop up buildings in the correct zone, and writing a news article for the school paper. I was shocked to learn Physical Education now became team egg and spoon races spanning 10 ft at a brisk walk, and included yoga complete with Warrior poses 1-3. I saw teachers, all well intentioned, stretched thin almost to their breaking points, trying to correct and instill the discipline so lacking from their homes. I saw incredible strength in these teachers – who were mostly women – caring for the children and fighting several battles for the betterment of their character and capabilities every single day. I also saw children misbehaving because they are simply not taught what behaving is.

I thought, “How can we hope to better the future communities that we and our children will live in, if the guidance is not there?” Ladies, women, mothers, sisters, aunts, daughters…. all of you have built a small community of friends and family around you and for that I will always applaud you. But instead of getting angry at the inconsiderateness of others, think that they might not have been taught what it is to be considerate in the first place.  Go out there and try to make a difference in the world. Start to create community beyond yourself, and build a better world. These amazingly strong women (and men) teachers cannot fight this alone, they need our help. The world needs our help to be stronger together than we ever could be apart.

Today was a wonderful experience that filled my heart, fill yours by giving back and creating community.

One of the letters that made me laugh and touched my heart.


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