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I'm someone who's undergone a complete life/self overhaul. I'm now a professional in my dream job, balancing an amazing relationship, a healthy body, a healthy self image, my passions, my family and surrounding myself with good people. It's hard, not gonna lie. But I'm here to help, to inspire and say "you're not alone."

Me, today. 6.1.12. Toxic Cosmetics to avoid

Holy Good Government! (as my friend would say) It’s been an exhausting week and Friday could not come soon enough. After work, an ab obliterating workout preceded a dressed up night on the first Friday Art Walk in our art district. 5 Blocks of galleries opened their doors, blared music, housed performers and served appetizers and drinks to art lovers everywhere. And if that wasn’t enticing enough, gourmet food trucks filled the then happy tummies of masses of people with food like a french toast wrapped sausage with egg, cheese and bacon on top – oh yea, it was AHmazing! The streets were packed with loud and laughing people enjoying good food, good sights and good company. 2 crews of breakers lay down linoleum and showed onlookers how we throw down. The wonderfully warm night and clear moonlit sky made for a perfect Friday night.

Coming home, I started a new night time cream and it immediately began to tingle – and not like the first kiss kind of tingle sprinkled with fairy dust and rolled in rainbows, the “uh oh, thaaaat’s not good” kind. I promptly washed my face and crisis was averted. But it got me thinking, “What the F is in this stuff ?!?!?” I couldn’t pronounce half of it and didn’t recognize any of it – not a good sign. I was reminded that a big part of health is not only what you put IN your body, but what you put ON your body and found this article:

Cosmetics Dirty Dozen

12 Toxic Ingredients to Avoid

If you’re not familiar with David Suzuki, he’s a beloved Canadian geneticist, educator, environmentalist and co-founder of the foundation that bears his name. Based on an online survey of 6,243 people and 12,550 products, the Suzuki foundation concluded that 80% of participants’ beauty products contained at least one of the “Dirty Dozen” ingredients. Yikes!

The path to developing a toxic-free beauty routine begins with an inventory of what’s behind your shower curtain and inside your medicine cabinet or dopp kit. Whether you are shopping for shampoo, conditioner, nail polish, sunscreen or moisturizer, be sure to read the ingredient label with the same scrutiny as you would read your food’s nutrition label and ANDI score.

Here’s the Dirty Dozen list of toxic ingredients to avoid:
1. BHA and BHT
2. Coal tar dyes
3. DEA
4. Dibutyl phthalate
5. Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives
6. Parabens
7. Parfum (a.k.a. fragrance)
8. PEG compounds
9. Petrolatum
10. Siloxanes
11. Sodium laureth sulfate
12. Triclosan

Remember to take a look at the label! Every label. If you can’t pronounce or don’t recognize most of what’s in the ingredient list of what you put in and on your body, don’t do it.


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