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I'm someone who's undergone a complete life/self overhaul. I'm now a professional in my dream job, balancing an amazing relationship, a healthy body, a healthy self image, my passions, my family and surrounding myself with good people. It's hard, not gonna lie. But I'm here to help, to inspire and say "you're not alone."

Me, today. 6.13.12. For Your Wall

Me, today. 6.13.12. For Your Wall

If you haven’t seen this poster before, read it. It’s something I think everyone should have on their wall. One that stands out to be so true is ” If you are looking for the love of your life, stop; they will be waiting for you when you start doing things you love.” We often find ourselves looking for potential life partners and that’s ok, it’s natural. It’s what creates social dynamics. Where it’s not ok, is when it turns into your primary focus – to always be assessing the potential relationship with people you meet.
Keep the main focus on developing yourself, you are most beautiful and radiate the most positive energy when doing something you truly love, and loving truly, who you are. Someone will see that, and become your life long love.


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