Ask H.O.W. – Helping Other Women

Ask HOW – Helping Other Women

In this section, I’d love to hear more from you! This is the place to ask your questions and get answers from myself other women. Ask about anything and everything! And I also encourage you to answer others as well!

Turkish girls from Istanbul.

Turkish girls from Istanbul. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I want this to be a community of women, based on trust, acceptance and openness with no judgement. I want to encourage women who can trust in each other to be able to ask any question they want and get an honest answer.

Ever since we were little girls, we’ve been intimidated to look stupid in front of each other and in front of boys. They were louder, more aggressive, and usually dominated the playgrounds and classrooms. I’ve taught various dance classes for young kinds and have always observed that the girls don’t believe in themselves as much and don’t try as hard when mixed with the boys who were over eager to show their physical dominance. But in a class of just girls, they blossom! Suddenly they believed in themselves, came out of their shells and started helping each other.

It got me thinking, what if we’d had that encouragement of

a girls only environment? And that’s what this is all about!

This page is to encourage a judgement free, supportive environment for women, by women, about women’s lives.

Girls on the beach

Giving choice to women helps parents plan the ...

Giving choice to women
helps parents plan the size of their families (Photo credit: DFID - UK
Department for International Development)


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