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Me, today. 6.17.12. Clare Marie: What Does It Take? By an Extreme Sports Athlete

What does it take to become an extreme sports athlete? This is a question that I have been asked many times over again by many different kinds of people whether it be someone who watched me make a BASE jump or someone conducting an interview. This question has always baffled me to a degree because […]

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Me, today. 5.9.12: Clair Marie’s “The Art of Vulnerability”

The ability to be vulnerable is a true gift and not one that many people take into their adult life. We are all born 100% vulnerable and through life’s “tough lessons” walls are built and we each lean that we must protect ourselves in one way or another.  I lived my life protecting my emotions, […]

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Measuring Success

Success by my definition can not be defined! Each individuals idea about what success means is very different from another. So how do we measure success in our own personal life? By our achievements, by our status in society or maybe it is just a feeling. I personally struggled in the beginning when I was […]

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Clair Marie, BASEjump/SkyDived over 3,500 times: Who the heck am I?

I’d like to introduce a (quite literally) Super Woman! Clarie Marie, one of the youngest BASE jumpers. She is a sponsored athlete in magazines and videos for extreme action sports. Read about her amazing journey to over 3,500 jumps, passion and spectacularly positive approach to life! Hello Wonderful super women! My name is Clair Marie […]

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