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Me, today. 7.11.12. Appreciate Yourself

Today was a normal day like any other. Work and a warmly lit world by the people around me and the picturesque city. I set out to challenge myself again and take my modeling to another level. After work I straightened my hair, powdered my nose and put on some kicks and torn jeans at […]

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Me, today. 7.10.12. Immediate Introspection

I was greeted this morning with the pleasant coo of my kitty pawing at the door, eager to cuddle my face with hers. The day continued as it started, pleasant and filled with sunshine from the inside out.  That is, until I hit a sudden emotional wall. Talking with a friend about my upcoming birthday, […]

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Me, totday. 7.9.12. Ask Yourself the Hard Questions

Today was a normal Monday until the afternoon when I had the honor of being a confidant to a wonderful woman who I think neither knows nor feels her full potential or self worth. She is one of those people that I wish I could somehow transfer my perception to so that she can see […]

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Me, today. 7.3.12. Day 9 of the Anywhere Workout Challenge & Canada vs U.S.

After a long 2 days of work, today felt like Friday. I needed a break and celebrated Canada Day and Independence Day with a country to country battle of jean on jean waring giant jenga, and all around ridiculousness. We drew a line and everyone dressed for their country, bringing food and drinks like poutine […]

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Me, today. 7.1.12. Day 7 of the Anywhere Workout Challenge!

Today I was so excited to wake up! The morning greeted me with sunshine and blue skies. After a deliciously creative and organically healthy breakfast I was ready to face a fear and de-traumatize myself with a new experience. Bee keeping class. When a little kid my pinky toe was stung by a bumble bee […]

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Me, today. 6.29.12. Day 5 of the Anywhere Workout Challenge

Holy good government it’s felt like a long week of travel work, bouncing around to different hotels and never quite resting in between. I’m tired to the core and after a little fun at an Art Gallery Frida Khalo themed Fashion show, I was slumping over at dinner and just wanted to sleep.That got me […]

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Me, today. 6.28.12. Day 4 of the Anywhere Workout Challenge – Abs

Today was a stressful day at work, the kind of day where 10 fire hoses going at max blast doesn’t seem to put out the flames. So, I’ll admit, I stress ate a bit.. ok a lot. BUT I did make sure to do it healthily, snacking on rice crackers or apple and organic peanut […]

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Me, today. 6.25.12. 10 Day Anywhwere Workout Challenge

Today kicked off my first day in a series of 10 traveling. I’ve challenged myself to eat healthy and workout every day even though the fitness facilities are about the size of my closet, and the food options range from Denny’s to McDonalds. After landing last night and checking in to a lovely hotel with […]

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Me, today. 6.23.12. Break the Workout Blues

Today was a great all day workout! “Boroooooringggg” you say? No friggin way! I met my girlfriends for a 9 am workout in the park. Under the swaying trees, grass between our toes, and crisp morning air in our lungs we sweated from push ups, lat pulls,  and ab busting exercises. Our Workout, grill out […]

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Me, today. 6.22.12. Do You

Today I was exhausted after yesterday’s shoots, work and workout. All I wanted to do was plop on the couch and watch a movie. But, instead I was a good friend’s +1 at his work’s annual party. We had gone the year prior performing a salsa break dance choreography piece which most remembered me vaguely […]

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