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Me, today. 7.10.12. Immediate Introspection

I was greeted this morning with the pleasant coo of my kitty pawing at the door, eager to cuddle my face with hers. The day continued as it started, pleasant and filled with sunshine from the inside out.  That is, until I hit a sudden emotional wall. Talking with a friend about my upcoming birthday, […]

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Me, today. 6.16.12. A Tom Boy in Heels

Today I woke up to cook my visiting cousin savory chicken creps in an almond milk based pesto cream sauce. We needed good fuel to take us through her very first outdoor climbing adventure! The morning gave us the perfect climbing conditions: 65 degrees partly cloudy and hardly any wind. We packed up our gear, […]

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Me, today. 5.23.12. Mutant Sriracha-Injecting Machinegun Mosquitoes

After a long work day, I decided on some facial brutality in the form of laser spider vein removal. Ok, yes a little vanity – guilty. But what’s important is that I don’t equate my worth to others or to my self by what I look like. I measure it by the person I am, […]

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Me, today. 5.16.12. Work Through by Working Out

Today was not such a good day. Mostly because of my attitude. A culmination of several untimely events has busted through my smile bubble – and that’s ok. It’s ok to be sad or brooding sometimes and it’s ok to show it as long as you don’t take it out on anyone – most importantly […]

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Me, today. 5.6.12. Racing a Race Car!!! The Diver’s seat.

Ever wonder what those nutzoid Indy 500 racers feel like in a tiny tin can, taking only left turns at 100s of miles an hour? Well…. IT’S AMAZING!!!! Today I took what felt like the longest ride of my life in anticipation of pulling up onto a 1 mile D shaped Race track for 12 […]

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Me, today. 5.4.12. Learn to Leave It.

Today I felt behind. Busy with work all day, extending past the hours meant, and through lunch – trying to finish the week strong. We’ve all been there. It’s been a rough work week, feeling like you’re behind and you do those last few emails, the last few phone calls. Or worse, you take it […]

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Me, today. 4.17.12: Pushing and Breaking Boundaries

Hoookay so it’s been a long time since I’ve done something that REALLY pushed the limits of my boundaries. Time to walk the walk, make the most of every day and live fearlessly in a big way. We need to constantly push different boundaries – intellectually, physically, emotionally, spiritually… mine today was taking that boundary […]

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Me, today. 4.15.12 The Girly Girl in All of Us

A new discovery about finding my inner girly girl started as another snuggle-in-bed n hot coco kind of day in Denver. The last day of my house guest’s stay began with chai infused french toast.( Ohhh yes, it’s just as delicious as it looks and sounds. I am going to HAVE to try to make […]

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Me, today. 4.15.12 Passion Over Ego, Living Fearlessly.

Today started warmly – greeted warmly by my good friend and house guest for the weekend, smiles continuing throughout breakfast and laughter, always laughter. I left him shopping while I went to my dance company‘s practice, knowing we were starting to learn choreography for a brand new piece due to debut in 2 weeks for […]

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Me, today. 4.13.12 Philosophy and Mixology

I woke up to a distant rumble and a dim sunrise. What an amazingly beautiful cloudy day! Here in Denver we have so much sunshine that when it’s absent we think “Ugh, it’s nasty out.” But a soft blanket of grey is just as beautiful, one just has to change their perspective. Living here with […]

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