Go from Alive to THRIVE !

Ladies, (and guys do this too) it’s exhausting counting calories or feeling guilty for eating foods that you love at 2am. In this section you can Learn how to CHANGE YOUR LIFESTYLE – not diet – so that you don’t have to spend so much time in the gym workin on your fitness. How?

  • Learn about what causes cravings for salt, sugar, chocolate and all the delicious stuff you feel guilty for
  • Learn all the components of health, weight and hunger – it’s not just food and exercise!
  • Answer some tough questions that will help you keep motivated
  • Learn some cool, quick and healthy recipes
  • Ask and get answers to some health myths

I’m no expert so don’t take anything I say as gospel. I want to point you in the right direction, and enable you to rock and roll on your own! I have read A LOT about nutrition and tested just about every exercise. I’ve worked out consistently for the past 15 years, and gradually refined my eating habits to find what works for me. I know you want the quick-fix-I’m-seeing-my-ex-in-2-weeks-and-need-to-look-super-hot diet, but I’m tellin you right now it aint gonna happen. What will happen is you can learn what kind of exercises you like, find ways to work out without feeling like you are, and make the healthy changes to get you looking and feeling like a billion bucks! Read on and help yourself make a permanent change.


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