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I’m just a regular girl, just like you, trying to have a happy life.

WWII Era Ball

I was born and raised in California, spending my childhood in band aids and dirtied mini mouse overalls. I was the most popular of the unpopular crowd and turned to music as my best friend. Starting piano in my single digits age and continuing for 12 years my love expanded to clarinet, violin, choir, guitar, drums and the trumpet. And when I couldn’t play music, I was moving to the music.

Bgirlin, one of my passions.

Movement has always been part of my language, and in the last 3 years expanded to salsa, swing, waltz, tango, hip hop, locking, popping, waakin, and breakin (break dancing). I’ve refined language in painting, poetry, songwriting and short film making.

I’m a bit of an adventure seeker. Scaling cliff sides, speeding around canyons, traveling to Costa Rica, Mexico, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, China, UK, Belgium, France, Italy and every U.S. state but 4.

Love craving in the canyons with my bike: Big Red

I also have a passion for business and wanting to make a difference in this world with every day. I want to help other women feel like they are capable, intelligent, able to love themselves and shape their lives to however they want ! I’ve been a business owner, thrill seeker, performer, lover, corporate monkey, outdoorsy, urbanite, friend and confidant.

I’ve led many lives, been many versions of and found myself countless times. I’m an always changing and growing person who, at the end of times wants to look back and say that I never let fear rule my life – that I’ve never feared to love, change or fail.

I will post daily at first to get content up, and bring on some AMAZING Super Women to post as well. =) Hope to see you again soon!


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